The reason AngularJS will success: Part 1

Recently, I read ‘s post “the reason AngularJS will fail“, that reduce AngularJS’s value. In my opinion, he compared it with jQuery which are incomparable. Also, the result of the comparison is false.

Let’s discuss the idea of comparison: jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed mainly to simplify document traversal and manipulation. However, AngularJS is a client-side framework (a framework is a collection of software libraries providing reasonable default interface, and generally driven by patterns). In other words, the main differences are:

  • Libraries are generally more expressing
  • Libraries allow us to learn the API as needed
  • Framework requires holistic understanding
  • Framework bring structure to large amount of code

As you see comparing jQuery to AngularJS is like comparing a text editor to an IDE, this does not means that the text editor is not more useful, but simply because the IDE has a big scope of features than the text editor. Eventually, you can extends the text editor with new features such as auto-complete, syntax highlighting, etc and you will have an IDE.

Is AngularJS difficult ?

According to the author, Angular will fails because it’s difficult. First of all, I agree with him that AngularJS is more difficult than jQuery, and that’s intuitive because frameworks are always more difficult than libraries, but this difficulty bring us more modularity, maintainability and testability, and make both development and developer’s life more easy. However, I don’t agree with him that Angular is difficult. It’s clear that it’s not intuitive but it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult, you can learn AngularJS fundamentals in 60 minutes (see this video), yes absolutely in just 60 minutes.

In the other hands, frameworks doesn’t fail because they are difficult, but they fail if their difficulties are not worth the results they produce. A chain saw is more difficult than a saw: you must be sure that it’s fuelled up and oiled. But is it useful? If you don’t want to burden your head with application architecture and best practice, just use jQuery and manipulate the DOM by your hand and you will discover as soon as your application grow that your code sucks and you not find any solution than rebuild it from scratch using any JavaScript framework.

Is AngularJS sucks ?

Another point discussed in the first author’s part, is that « doing a google search on “jQuery sucks” vs “AngularJS sucks” shows that there are more results for the latter ». Wow !! this is very convincing. Let’s try to compare each one features in an objective way:

jQuery VS AngularJS
jQuery VS AngularJS

I notice, that we can extend jQuery’s features using 3-rd party libraries and jQuery plugins.

Finally, I want to reminder you that jQuery is a wonderful library, but it can not replace any JavaScript framework. So, when you’re in a situation that jQuery is all you need then you SHOULD USE IT.

I’m gonna discuss the rest of his post in my next posts.


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