Update your git repositories at once

If you has/use multiple git repositories, here is a CLI tool that will allows you to update multiple repositories at once, it’s intuited GitupGitup is a cross-platform tool designed to update a large number of git repositories at once, and it’ can manage different remotes, branches, etc

To install Gitup :

git clone git://github.com/earwig/git-repo-updater.git
cd git-repo-updater
sudo python setup.py install

If all your repositories are in the same directory (here repos), just launch gitup like this:

gitup ~/repos

and you get the latest files version at once. You can also bookmark your repositories with the parameter –add

gitup --add ~/repos
gitup --add ~/repos2

and so do your git pull just with running the bellow command:


Practical, isn’t ? For further details, see the github repository.


Good bye Bazaar and Launchpad !

The transition from OpenERP to Odoo comes with an excellent new technique:

Get rid of BZR!

The really good news is the abandonment of Bazaar and Launchpad, which were a serious handicap. The merger of the three bazaar branches into only 1 Git repository should be able to speed up things and facilitate the contribution. Even if the contribution process is not yet well defined on github,  but it would be highly desirable if it will be organized around a merges’s rise model, like the Linux kernel.

Saving time and disk space

Clone a repository from github takes a lot less time than recovering a bazaar branch on Launchpad. In addition to time savings, it also save disk space. Here is a comparison of the sizes of deposits:
OpenERP in BZR
openobject-server 154 Mo
openobject-addons 692 Mo
openerp-web 33 Mo
Odoo (Github)
Odoo 432 Mo
The only thing that we lose with git is the notion of shared repository of Bzr.